About Me

The Trill and Wondrous Life of Hadiyah Daché

My name is Hadiyah Daché and you pronounce that ha-DEE-yuh DAH-shay. It sounds kind of complicated but it’s not, it’s only 5 syllables. Hadiyah is an Arabic name meaning gift. Daché is the clever combination of my parent’s names (Dawan + Chaché = Daché). Yes, they actually put this on my birth certificate.

I’ve been writing for the Internet since I was 13 years old. Back then, I was working for OpenVoice which was kind of like a very early Gawker for Teens. I’m not exactly doing that these days but I do still work for the internet. So it’s almost like I’ve come full circle! When I’m not on the internet, I moonlight as a Licensed Esthetician. Because working one job is sooooooo 2008.

My hobbies include: live concerts, comic books, and french fries.

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